Our summer exhibition brings together more than 80 works by Australian artists in a maximalist exploration of the relationship between maker and material. Crafted in glass, wood, fibre, metal, ceramic and stone and including digital works by artists Bernadette Murray and Sam Price in collaboration with Lisa Waup, each work embodies innovation in contemporary making and the artist’s careful consideration of both material and process.

In Shaped, artists explore rich ideas through material transformation and storytelling— from tensions between function and aesthetic to technology and nature, culture and identity, and our experiences in lockdown.

Artists: Alan Constable, Aleisa Miksad, Alexandra Standen (courtesy of This is No Fantasy), Alison Frith, Anastasia La Fey, Anke Kindle, Ben Taranto, Bernadette Murray, Britt Neech (Clae Studio), Claire McArdle, denHolm, Emily Hamann (Ignem Terrae), Gabbee Stolp, Georgia Weitenberg, Jane Sawyer, Jennifer Conroy Smith, Jeremy Blincoe, Jessica Murtagh, Jessie French, Katherine Hubble, Katrina Tyler, Lisa Waup, Makiko Ryujin, Nioka Briggs, Ryan Foote, Sam Price, Simone Tops, Su san Cohn and Yoko Georgiou.