Anna Varendorff, Bonhula Yunupingu & Damien Wright, Isabel Avendano-Hazbun, James Lemon, Marta Figueiredo, Michael Gittings, Ashley Eriksmoen, Johnny Nargoodah & Trent Jansen, Nicole Lawrence & Thomas Coward, Cordon Salon, Brud Studia, Georgia Weitenberg, Brodie Neill, Bern Chandley, Jess Humpston, Liam Mugavin, Two Lines Studio, Jill Stevenson, Duncan Young & Noah Hartley, Zachary Frankel, Dean Norton, Ash Allen.

More than any other piece of furniture the chair has been subject to the wildest experimentations and ideas by makers, craftspeople, engineers and designers. The most used piece of furniture, it is lauded for its honest functionality and celebrated for its many shapes and forms.

The chair is an ever-evolving indicator of trend, design, and application of material and technology. Obsessed over by creative practitioners, it is one of the ultimate design challenges.

If the home is our castle, then the chair is our throne.

'The Chair' exhibition is the first in a series presented by Craft Victoria honouring iconic objects of functional craft and design with a material driven approach.