Bendigo Crafted engages in a conversation between an emerging and established practitioner of the same craft discipline with the aim of sharing knowledge, perspective, and practice to enrich the exhibition experience for both artists. This year’s inaugural exhibition brings together master ceramist Garry Bish and emerging maker Froni Binns.

Garry is highly regarded for his distinctive hand painted ceramic forms which explore the representation of space. His style is instantly recognisable with his refined combination of techniques such as salt-glazing, glaze trailing, slip-casting, Neriage, hand-building and press-moulding. Froni creates jewellery and form inspired by geometric abstraction. Using the Japanese Nerikomi technique of layering and building solid blocks of coloured porcelain she works directly with tantalising solid ‘pure’ colour to create bold and delicate patterned pieces.

Working together in the months preceding the exhibition, Garry and Froni have produced a collaborative artwork representative of a meshing of their shared knowledge and creative perspectives. This artwork will be displayed alongside a collection of pieces selected from each artist’s individual practice.

Image: Dave Hawkswood