Anthea Amore's work is an exploration, through ceramics objects, of the nets and rope used in the commercial fishing industry. Fragments of discarded nylon ropes break down in the ocean and disperse with the current, wreaking havoc on unsuspecting marine creatures. She invites viewers to contemplate the realities of net fishing, her intention being to initiate conversations about the effect’s we humans are having on the oceans' ecosystems.

Anthea often suspends work, or attaches it to walls, instead of using the traditional plinth. She pushes the physical limitations of the medium during the firing process, investigating slumping, cracking and sometimes breakages. Many fragments have been surfaced in bright 'nylon' colours while others are hand painted using underglazes and oxides as well as stained clay and coloured clay slips.

Capturing Fragments is on show alongside fellow artist Timothy Dell's abstract oil paintings.

Opening Night Event:
Friday 6 October, 6-8pm

Saturday 7 October, 4-6pm
'Ekphrasis' night of poetry responding to the art works

Image: courtesy of Anthea Amore.