Ceramic art, fashion, and subculture converge in a selection of work that explores themes of mortality, decay, with the sublime and celebrates the evolution of tradition through rebellion.

The exhibition of vessels manifests as a collision between traditional English decorative relief pottery with the rebellious spirit of punk embodied by British fashion designers Westwood and McQueen. The vessels have their genesis in classical form, but the subversion of the motifs with punk and gothic subculture symbols highlights the clash between tradition and rebellion, creating an intriguing dialogue between the two expressions of style.

This exhibition blends contemporary materials such as silicon, metal, upcycled ceramics and plaster, pushing the boundaries of traditional silhouettes. Matiu's creations evoke a sense of drama and macabre beauty, challenging conventional notions of ceramics tradition and aesthetics.

Opening Event:
Thursday, 5 October 6PM-8PM

Image: courtesy of the artist.