Clay Whispers: The Tactile Language of Abstract Ceramics is a collaborative effort between Maker's Mrkt and Elena Strohfeldt. Displayed at Smith + Gertrude, it's a step into new territory, bridging traditional craftsmanship and contemporary artistry.

Each piece in this collection reflects Elena's journey from abstract expressionist painting to ceramics. These handcrafted items, made from earth-toned clay and fired to stoneware, mirror her artistic progression. The aim is to engage spectators in a dialogue that goes beyond visual appeal, inviting them to experience the craft's texture and physical aspect.

Clay Whispers is more than an exhibit. It offers a fresh perspective on ceramics and the potential synergy between painting and ceramics. Elena's work inspires and suggests new possibilities for the broader craft community.

Pottery Workshop:
Friday 6 October 12PM-2PM

Opening Event:
Evening of 13 October 6:30PM-9:30PM

Runs from 13-29 October

Image: courtesy of the artist.