Get ready to dive into the fascinating world of Futurecraft Jewellery, where the power of AI meets human creativity. Presented by Ash Pickford, female founder of Recall-Ci* a fine contemporary jewellery brand.

The Harvard Business report at the beginning of this year declared, "We're hitting a tipping point for artificial intelligence."

As a result, craftspeople who were once convinced that AI could never replace their creativity are now starting to question that assumption. They're witnessing the remarkable quality of output that generative AI can create in a matter of seconds, work that would have taken them hours, weeks, or even months to achieve.

Rather than dismissing or discrediting this new technology, craftspeople can embrace the opportunity to explore how to build a harmonious relationship with AI. By doing so, they can ensure that traditional craft techniques not only survive but also thrive, remain relevant, and evolve in this dynamic landscape.

Join Ash Pickford, who will share her thoughts and take us on a journey of exploration into collective intelligence through her fine jewellery brand, Recall-ci*, blending traditional jewellery techniques with new AI processes.

Image: courtesy of the artist.