Cross Stitch: Crafting Community is an exhibition presenting the outcomes from a series of workshops run by The Social Studio. For the past year the Studio has been running workshops with community organisations and members of the public to develop a diverse body of work that centres cross-cultural knowledge-sharing and the joyful, often therapeutic, act of collective art making.

Led by the work of 12 artists from refugee, Indigenous and culturally diverse backgrounds, alongside contributions by more than 160 community members, Cross Stitch: Crafting Community is a window into the bright, human-centred world of The Social Studio and the intersection of contemporary craft practices. Featured artists include: Jenna Lee, Zaiba Khan, Studio PCL, Pey-Chi, Nina Sepahpour, Haus of Dizzy, Kate Beynon, Nabilah Nordin, Muhubo Sulieman, Sai-Wai Foo, Remuse Designs, and Elizabeth Yong.

Visit The Social Studio's Collingwood Yards shop to see these works and documentation from the project.

Image: courtesy of The Social Studio.