Crowning Glory is a collaboration between costume designer/stylist Jill Johanson and visual artist/photographer Pamela Kleemann-Passi, both award-winning creators in their fields. It’s a new way with hair in all its lusciousness that puts the ‘body’ back into hair, and it’s creating beach waves! Kleemann-Passi has created a unique ‘hair sandwich’ by layering discarded textiles and human hair offcuts, that has been skilfully styled into a stunning beachwear range by Johanson, featuring a Merkini, Budgie Smugglers, baseball cap, sun hat, beach bag, thongs and more!

Crowning Glory accentuates the contemporary application of a unique material – human hair – a departure from traditional craft materials, but still employing traditional craft techniques. It draws attention to rampant waste within the textile industry and the urgent need to reduce landfill, and is intended to inform and generate discussion around technologies for developing high-performing products from waste materials, thus empowering people to be part of the solution for a more sustainable future. Get caught in the upsweep and enjoy some humorous highlights, because Crowning Glory speaks volumes and is not to be missed!

Image: courtesy of the artists.