This talk accompanies the exhibition Ancient Lives, which provides a glimpse into life in the Greek and Roman worlds, through everyday, ritual and luxury objects from the University of Melbourne’s Classics and Archaeology Collection.

Join co-curator Dr Caroline Tully to hear about ancient ceramic and glass-making techniques from the Graeco-Roman world, and how they underpin contemporary craft practices.

The Classics and Archaeology Collection is one of the cornerstones of object-based learning at the University of Melbourne. From the origins of the Collection in 1901 with the donation of five Egyptian papyri, it has played an important role in teaching and research. Now managed by the Museums and Collections department, it has continued to grow through donations and purchases to encompass over 300 objects, with significant holdings of Classical, Cypriot and Near Eastern material.

Image: courtesy of the University of Melbourne. Photograper: Christian Capurro