"In my practice, I sculpt clay. It’s the medium I’ve chosen to express myself. The tactile feeling and quality of clay are what I love.” – Janet Beckhouse

Janet Beckhouse was a master of her craft, working clay into complex and distinct works of art. Her pieces examine the dilemmas of life and death and prompt us to rethink familiar objects with her distinctive almost hallucinatory iconography.

“How can we hope to compete with autumn leaves, a sea breeze, grass blowing in the wind, a sunset, the life cycle of the cicada, the plants and creatures of this world who need nothing more than just exist.” – Janet Beckhouse

Her hand crafted pieces are ornamental, grand and gruesome while also intimate and delightful in their depiction of shells and mermaids, skulls and worms. A narrative in every work challenging us with a twist of disquiet, some discomfort and a teaspoon of disturbing. Shown alongside key entries and drawings from her journals, discover the delightful process of Janet Beckhouse in her own words.

An esteemed aluma of RMIT’s School of Art, RMIT Gallery is proud to present this exhibition of Janet Beckhouse’s ceramics and journals, to celebrate her profound contribution and legacy.

This exhbition is curated by Helen Rayment.

Image: Janet Beckhouse, Title unknown (2014). Photography: Stephanie Bradford.