Love the Leftovers - A visual art masterclass in transforming printed paper into a multi-layered contemporary collage.

Melbourne's dedicated collage studio 'That Paper Joint', invites you to challenge your perception of what collage is, and will lead you to discover visual potential, even within the most mundane of printed materials.

By looking beyond the most obvious imagery, we’ll be making bold, intuitive, and abstract cutting decisions, guiding you to turn leftover paper seconds into a layered & complex original artwork.

Artist, designer & That Paper Joint founder, Maximillian Malone, will lead this deep-dive process, where you'll embark on a day-long workshop, that culminates in your own unique work of art, ready to take home.

Testing yourself to find beauty & potential within ordinary & mundane materials won’t be easy, but by the end of the workshop, you’ll never be able to look at paper the same way again.

Whilst no previous collage experience is necessary, participants are required to be comfortable and adept at using scissors & scalpels for this workshop.

This workshop will span 5 hours with a light lunch provided, allowing participants truly enough time to complete an original collage.

There will be a formal introduction explaining the process, followed by periods of time to gather resources, a separate chapter of time for learning the craft of cutting, and composing, along with adequate time for the patient art of gluing/sealing. This workshop will include all of the tools, materials, and expert guidance, along with tea/coffee and a light lunch. We will do our best to cater to all dietary needs and upon booking you can let us know what these are. Please feel free to bring along your own drinks and snacks too.

Image: courtesy of That Paper Joint.