During his Makers in Residence, Kieran Jackson of KIEROY will walk you through the shared experience in creating a bespoke jewellery piece. This residency will explore the collaborative relationship with the client and how that reflects the design, sourcing of precious stones and the detailed nature of the fabrication.

Creative and precise, designer Kieran Jackson is a jeweller in every sense of the word. Having completed an Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology (Jewellery) in 2013, he’s lent his craft to recognisable local brands - including as the Creative Designer of Lucy Folk.

Under KIEROY, each piece is imagined, realised and finished entirely by Kieran. Marrying his sense of precision and proportion with trusted local supplier relationships, and knowledge passed on from some of Australia’s most skilled, independent makers, his capability as a jeweller is extensive. From complex and unique designs to material innovations, custom pieces and their pre-production CAD renders, Kieran’s craft seamlessly blends global fine jewellery sensibilities with the charm of locally made.