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In a world that is ceaselessly evolving, it's easy to overlook the foundation of our everyday experiences: the materials that make up our lived reality.

The essence of materiality remains intrinsically tied to the human experience. It behoves design professionals not only to understand but also to deeply engage with the very fabric of our material world. Exposing new potentials, experimenting beyond conventions, and consistently innovating are not mere aspirations; they are imperatives.

The "Material Matters" exhibition, hosted by BETA as part of the Craft Contemporary Satellite program, delves profoundly into this material culture. It offers a contemplative reflection on the substrates that form the foundation of the world around us and the future we face. This exhibition underscores the immense responsibility that design professionals bear in shaping our tangible realities and emphasises their crucial role in sustaining and refining the world of tomorrow.

This exhibition urges visitors to ponder, "Why materials matter?" inviting them to recognise the extraordinary weight they bear in the conscious crafting of our lives. Visitors will gain profound insights into the union of artistry (craftsmanship) and sustainability, fostering a deeper appreciation for mindful creation in the realms of architecture, craft and product design.

Curated by Ella Saddington

Join us for an informal 30-minute conversation with

Breathe Architecture
26 October, 2 pm

Cera Stribley
26 October, 4 pm

27 October, 1 pm

Six Degrees
27 October, 2 pm

Image by Pier Carthew, courtesy of BETA by STH BNK.