Of Earth and Ether (Flowers never bend) aims to make manifest elements of the ineffable. With devotion, joy and solemnity, Artist Louise Meuwissen considers mortality and the eternal. With reference to the Simon and Garfunkel song 'Flowers never bend' Louise Meuwissen manifests elements of the ineffable in an exhibition at Bundoora Homestead.

This exhibition centres around themes of transience and permanence, ideas of keepsake and arresting time. Adopting motifs of the arch, florals, and vessels of containment, Meuwissen draws upon historical and mythological representations of these symbolic objects as manifestations of emotional holding, ritual, power, and as anchors for memory and belief.

Referencing the Simon and Garfunkel folk rock song 'Flowers never bend' as emblematic of spiritual yearning, confusion and deep knowing, Of Earth and Ether (Flowers never bend) is a personal exploration of the simultaneous confronting and denial of the inevitability of death.

In celebration of the exhibition, a free public workshop will be where participants will be invited to make their own vessel for emotional holding with Louise. Bookings will be made available through the event website.

Public Workshop:
Saturday 21 October

Image: Louise Meuwissen with work in progress, The Flower it Gleams (2023). Photography: Joanna Kitto.