Studio Brieditis & Evans: Swedish artist/designers Katarina Brieditis and Katarina Evans have worked together since 2001, exploring textiles, sustainability, and textile recycling within their project-based exhibition practice. Recipients of the Irene Davies International Scholarship at the ATW, Brieditis & Evans’ are exhibiting in Australia for the first time a curated selection of textile-based works that questions the foundations of textile construction, consumer use and functional materiality.

Brieditis & Evans are driven by the technical construction of textiles, they ask the question – ‘how does the choice of material and the material properties effect the technique and final outcome’. By pushing the materials and experimenting with the fibre they discover if the textile can morph into another sculptural form. Their largest project to date was Re Rag Rug, 2012-2017, an experimental design project in which they challenged themselves to make twelve rugs using twelve different techniques in twelve months, using only donated materials and without using a loom.

ON-GOING presents three of the Re Rag Rugs - 'Off Pist', 'Tailor' and 'Confetti' as well as new works that represent Brieditis & Evans interest in process, technique, and construction.

Working with textiles, offers many facets, endless challenges, surprises, and adventures. A never-ending process, that is ON-GOING.

Image: courtesy of Studio Brieditis & Evans.