Ruth Allen welcome's you into her Coburg North studio - a 430msq warehouse and extensive ceramic and hot glass studio. Your experience will start with a talk, giving background and insight to Ruth's experience as a glass maker and her journey to the current day of managing a buoyant business, trainee and workshop programs to her artistic practice. This will be followed with a tour of the entire space and the equipment the studio uses and has on hand. Ruth and her team with then launch into a hot glass demonstration of one of Ruth's large coloured punch bowls... guaranteed to be a jaw dropper. Various works will be available for purchase on the day.

Ruth Allen has been passionately working with hot glass as her creative medium for more than 30 years. Ruth graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Glass from the Canberra School of Art in 1993 and obtained a Master of Fine Art in Sculpture & Glass from Monash University in 2006. From 1996-2000 Ruth co-directed a hot glass studio in Auckland, NZ producing limited edition exhibition pieces, jewellery and lighting. Ruth was the President of NZSAG (New Zealand Society of Artists in Glass) from 1995-2000 and orchestrated an extensive series of workshops and international conferences under the rubric of 'Pacific Light'. Ruth currently works from her own hot glass studio in Coburg North. The studio is equipped with a hot glass furnace, kilns, cold working equipment, woodworking and metalworking tools, and a ceramic studio directed by her partner Joshua Rowell. Ruth creates her own signature works from the studio, facilitates hands-on glassblowing workshops, and works with artists, interior designers, lighting designers and architects to visualise and fabricate their projects. Ruth has exhibited, taught and participated in workshops in prominent glass venues around the world.

Image credit: Thomas Lentini