Rebuilding the Tree is a sustainable craft project to build and exhibit a durable, culturally engaging piece constructed using responsibly sourced timber. Incorporating new and ancient techniques the project brings to existence a sculpture that complements a meaningful living experience.

Rebuilding the Tree is a project of making a durable life long craft object for people to live with. It is constructed with a solid carved plinth. Whilst using solid timber sawn and split from larger lumber to form branch and leaf.

The piece is realised using techniques of steam/heat bending, wood joinery, forged metal fittings and each of the 100 or so leaves are sculpted and carved of wood. The timber is sustainably sourced from recycled, storm felled and tree doctor origin.

Accompanying the exhibition of the piece will be a short documentary: "Rebuilding the Tree," which is accessible via your device.

Opening Event & Artist Talk:
Saturday, 7th of October

Image: courtesy of the artist.