It is a unique time in the history of the breast. With understanding of transgender and queer/non binary culture growing and evolving, so too are our parameters around breasts and what they mean. You can have them or not have them by choice rather than an accident of birth.

Alice’s bounce of sequinned breasts showing just how diverse boobs can be. From perky to lopsided and tiny to torpedoes. Crafted from sequin off-cuts, Alice has created a melange of boobs to demonstrate that boobs come in many diverse shapes. The placement of nipples, the deepness of droop, the passage of time. All the things we rarely see of boobs in the media and in art. Boobs are required to be perky and round and young and often surgically enhanced to be deemed worthy of consumption. What with the nipple ban on Instagram and constant sexualisation of women's bodies, boobs are barely given a chance to just be. To hang about being booby.

Image: courtesy of Alice Edgeley.