Without soil, there’s no life.

The Soil Clay Project is an ongoing exploration of emerging artist and jewellery designer Vivian Qiu’s experience of studying and living across three different countries: China, Australia, and Sweden.

When you move around, you always take something with you and leave something behind.

Wherever Vivian is situated, she observes her surroundings, collecting natural materials or everyday objects that she repeatedly encounters on her wanderings.

Utilising soil, fallen leaves, flowers and grass alongside rice, which acts as a binding agent in her work, she moulds these found materials into wearable artworks.

Connecting the wearer to place, time, and culture through materials and the ancient symbolism of oracle bone script.

Artworks from Vivian’s residency in Sweden will be on display in Manningham Council's window exhibition space, located on the ground floor of the MC Square Community Centre.

Image: courtesy of the artist. Photography: Marina Yatsenko.