The Heroine’s Journey is an exhibition of contemporary jewellery that celebrates women’s strength, enshrines the value of facing down one’s own demons, and covets the wisdom that comes with age.

This is the third creative collaboration between jeweller Romy Mittelman and artist Jennifer E. Hopper, following on from prior works ‘New Religion’ and ‘Offering’: two powerful, irreverent and provocative bodies of work that deified modern women and elevated them to the realm of immortal Goddesses.

In the The Heroine’s Journey, Romy and Jennifer continue their playful reframing of cultural symbols and tropes, this time taking aim at The Hero’s Journey: an ancient narrative template that traces the passage of an immature male as he leaves the safety and familiarity of home to face increasingly difficult obstacles, only to overcome them all and return home a heroic world-beater and grown man.

The Heroine’s Journey put women in the central role, as symbolised by the collection’s singular ‘Everywoman’ figure, who is depicted as cutting off her girlish braids in a defiant act of adult autonomy.

In her story, she delves into the treacherous terrain of her soul, encountering battles with her own psyche to slay her limitations - with fabulous results! In her battle, she is able to draw on hidden talents and resources, as symbolised by charms in this collection, to return to herself as an enlightened and world-beating woman.

These talents and resources remain with her always, lifelong rewards for the sacred feat of finding oneself. This is a collection dazzling with the brilliance of a life lived fully, bravely and with a heroine’s heart.

Opening Night Launch Event:
Friday, 6 October, 5PM-7PM

Image courtesy of e.g.etal.