Universally Repaired’ is a community art installation created by multi-disciplinary artist Rachel Wood and members of the Boroondara community.

Part art installation, part museum artefact, ‘Universally Repaired’ is Rachel’s impression of the Ozone layer, installed in the Explore and Create space at Hawthorn Arts Centre. This large-scale work is made only from recycled materials and is a collection of smaller art pieces made by community members through workshops, social circles, and student classrooms.

Along with creating the artwork, the conversations throughout these sessions will revolve around our role in fashion and how we can be a positive force to ensure our clothes have a second life and don’t end up in landfill.

Universally Repaired’ is proudly presented by Boroondara Arts as a part of the 'Make, Mend, Do: Crafting a circular economy' program.

Image: courtesy of Boroondara Arts.