Do you have a much-loved garment in need of repair?

Learn the art of visible mending to save precious garments from landfill. Using visible stitches, patches, and other embellishments, participants will learn how to repair and repurpose clothes, embracing their flaws and imperfections rather than trying to hide or erase them.

Develop the skills to repair small holes in clothes and gain a new perspective on the importance of repairing and upcycling, as well as the impact our clothing choices have on the environment. Join us on this creative and sustainable journey! Some materials provided. Participants are encouraged to bring one or 2 garments in need of repair.

'Visible mending workshop' is proudly presented by Boroondara Arts and Living for our Future teams as a part of the 'Make, Mend, Do: Crafting a circular economy' program.

Image: courtesy of Boroondara Arts.