This exhibition by Kirsten Perry is composed of vessels and wall pieces inspired by circular and spiral forms found in nature and science. Using a variety of materials such as ceramic, foam, bio-resin and wood, the pieces are of larger scale and some are made of modular units.

A vortex is something that resembles a whirling circular motion with a central cavity. It can happen on land, air, and water. Vortex’s first appear to us as children watching the bath water drain. We imagine the force sucking us down the drain hole.

We are also fascinated by them as entities in deep space such as black holes.

Earth has energy vortex’s where energy is either entering the earth or projecting out of the earth’s plane. Some people consider these locations as sacred sites such as the Pyramids, Uluru, and Stonehenge.

Kirsten is fascinated by the concept of vortex from a scientific, spiritual, and aesthetic point of view. They are beautiful, fascinating, and somehow hypnotic.

Image: courtesy of the artist.