Misseu exhibits Zo at Alpha60 Flinders Lane. Zo is an installation of glass objects exploring the idea of process-led design. The installation speaks to a fortuitous examination of form following its natural course.

Each piece's organic abstractions are unique in nature, no two ever the same. A network of linear folds sit balanced against smooth protrusions made by restricting blown glass into a handmade steel cage, a modern interpretation of age-old glass blowing techniques. This process reflects that of life itself, growth and acceptance of beautiful chaos.

The works subvert classical understandings of beauty, and act as a mirror to ourselves reflecting an understanding of what makes us human.

Misseu is a Melbourne-based experimental design studio that investigates the intersection between art and design. A constantly evolving practice that specialises in the medium of glass, Misseu employs traditional venetian manufacturing techniques that have been modified for modern interpretation. By combining innovation and tradition, the studio is able to push the boundaries of conventional glass practice, producing pieces that question traditional design philosophy.