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Katherine Hubble

Art jeweller Katherine Hubble investigates new ways of looking at traditional jewellery. Using a combination of industrial processes and gold and silversmithing methods, she challenges notions of material preciousness. Central to her practice is vacuum forming - an industrial technique she employs to reimagine one of the most traditional ornamental craft motifs - the shell.

Hubble holds a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours), RMIT, 2017 and is the recipient of a multitude of awards and accolades including the 2016 Wolf Wennwrich Award for Excellence in Gold and Silversmithing, 2016 and the Emily Hope Award for a Figurative Work, 2017. In 2016 she was selected to exhibit in Craft Victoria's annual graduate exhibition, ‘Fresh!’, and in 2017 she was selected to exhibit in The Marzee International Graduate Show 2017, and was invited to participate in the Marzee for Starters program including exhibitions in The Netherlands and Germany. Selected Victorian graduates in contemporary craft and design in Melbourne. She is currently undertaking a Masters of Fine Arts at RMIT.

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