Yoko Ozawa

Born in Japan, Melbourne-based artist Yoko Ozawa has been making ceramics since 2003. She holds a Diploma of Graphic Design from the Japan Design College, and a Bachelor of Fine Art (Japanese painting) from Musashino Art University, Tokyo. Ozawa discovered pottery whilst working as a graphic designer in Tokyo and soon after moving to Australia in 2012, she set up her own studio. Since then, she has exhibited widely throughout Australia, Japan and Englad in six solo exhibitions and numerous groups shows. In 2019 Ozawa curated the exhibition ‘余韻 (Yo-in) Afterglow of Japanese contemporary ceramics’ at Mr Kitly gallery.

Ozawa’s work is informed by a lifelong interest in natural phenomena including seasonal transitions, fog, breeze, rain, light and shadow. Through her study of Japanese painting, she became deeply influenced by the Japanese notion of Yohaku (blank space) and draws upon this in her ceramic practice, imbuing her simple forms with her understanding of its deeper meaning.

Her vessels sit quietly in place, whilst at the same time engaging with and altering the space around them. She brings an awareness of natural phenomena to her work: seasonal transitions, temperature, light and shadow all imbue the work she creates.

/ Bryony Nainby

Craft Contemporary / Poster Walk