opening event_2019_Photography Thomas Lentini (11)_Warped Persectives.jpg
Photographer: Thomas Lentini

Group Membership | Annual fee of $135

Are you a local business, council, organisation, or guild? Share your passion for making, access to our learning platform, and unlock all the amazing benefits that come with it.

What does it include?

  • Be profiled on Craft's Maker Directory.
  • Invitations to exhibition openings.
  • Access member-priced tickets to events, online learning courses, and networking opportunities.
  • Free tickets to Craft's monthly Advice Clinics for up to three of your nominated group members. Each month, the Advice Clinics provide learning opportunities for makers to upskill and explore a new element of contemporary practice. Whether it is smartphone photography, grant writing, or understanding tax or contracts; this series has helped countless makers to learn new skills in an online environment.
  • Exclusive access for up to three of your nominated group members to monthly Professional Development Sessions.
  • 10% off purchases in-store and online at Craft Store (excludes exhibition artworks).
  • Be the first to access maker opportunities and highlights from the Craft program via Craft’s Maker eNews.
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